In today’s article, I am going to present multiple different types of commands that one can use to change, retrieve and delete data inside of a traditional database. In the following I will name the most important SQL commands.


A query is a way of selecting and finding data inside…

When developing an android app it is very important not to block the UI- or main thread. Doing so, will lead to a very bad and slow experience for the user. To avoid this from happening Android inc. developed lots of different classes and builders that help schedule tasks asynchronously…

In today’s article I’m going to present some of my mistakes in my social climbing app uClimb, which I published about a year ago. I’m going to dissect my mistakes but also mention how these can be solved and avoided.

My app uClimb

1. Repetition

When developing uClimb I had very little experience in clean…

Note: I write these articles to learn new topics. If information in these articles are wrong please notify me. Thanks

Java has lots of different types of Classes and interfaces that store elements in a sequential way. On the one hand Java uses the interface “List” and on the other…

Photo taken by Adi Constantin

Hey there, it’s me, John. Lately, I have been thinking politically and socially of the impact of China’s government controlling their citizens. To know more about this subject, I have read articles and watched videos about this so-called problem. This is what I have learned: The Chinese government has more…

Caleb Love

I am Caleb, a young Android Developer living in Berlin. I love to code fun projects and connect with other people.

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